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Pricing at Meek Construction

Flat Fee Pricing

Most builders price a project with a “percentage” based pricing approach. Two problems occur with this approach.

1) You never know how much your builder is making.

2)Your builder has NO advantage in the project coming in under budget because when you spend more, they make more.

At Meek Construction, whether residential or commercial, we believe the customer should know the fee upfront. Our approach is a “flat fee” method. Our fee is known upfront and you pay actual invoice price on the entire project. Our discount on product and services is your discount. Some would ask, “How Do I know I’m paying the invoice price?” At Meek Construction, we are an open book. Whether you want to see the actual invoices or copies of the checks, its yours to see. When most builders want that hidden, our position is that we are managing your money, but it is still YOUR money. Whether building a residential or commercial project, we want our customers to be in the driver seat and not the trunk.